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Businesses of Viola


Nutrien Ag Solutions

1813 17th Ave
(309) 596-2102
Nutrien Ag Solutions

Wild Growth Gourmet Mushrooms

PO Box 136
(309) 596-2159
Wild Growth Gourmet Mushrooms Email
Wild Growth Gourmet Mushrooms Website


Personal Family Dog Trainer

2371 95th Ave
(309) 738-4338
Personal Family Dog Trainer Email
Personal Family Dog Trainer Website

Schmidt's Country Kennel

813 240th St
(309) 738-4338
Schmidt's Country Kennel
Schmidt's Country Kennel Website

Yerkey Veterinary Services

1802 17th Ave
(309) 596-4386
Yerkey Veterinary Services Email
Wild Growth Gourmet Mushrooms Website


D&T Cores & Salvage

2360 IL-17
(309) 596-2960
D&T Cores & Salvage Email
D&T Cores & Salvage Website

JC Auto & Truck Parts

2432 IL-17
(800) 769-3499
JC Auto & Truck Parts Website

Motorheads Auto Repair

1207 17th Ave
(309) 596-2900
Motorheads Auto Repair Email

MVP Auto wash

1304 16th Ave
(309) 373-4007


Image Design

1607 17th St
(309) 596-2607
Image Design Email
Image Design Facebook

Loving Sunless Tans

1901 US-67
(720) 775-9772

Twisted Beauty Bar

1207 17th Ave
(309) 596-2900
Twisted Beauty Bar Email

Book Keeping

Brimeyer Bookkeeping

2626 75th Ave
Brimeyer Bookkeeping Email


United Presbyterian Church

271 IL-17
(309) 596-4150

Viola United Methodist Church

1408 18th Ave
(309) 596-2152
Viola United Methodist Church Email
Viola United Methodist Church Website

First Apostolic Church Of Viola

1405 13th St
(309) 596-4193

Community Space

The REC Center

1701 13th St
(309) 596-2516
Viola REC Center Email
Viola REC Center Website


DT Electric

2684 85th Ave
(309) 317-9420
DT Electric Email
DT Electric Website

Fox Finishing

2512 75th Ave
(309) 716-0704
Fox Finishing Email
Fox Finishing Website

Masterpiece Tree Services

837 283rd St
(309) 337-9067

McMeekan Excavating

1409 16th Ave
(309) 596-2890

Western Illinois Masonry

2828 110th Ave
(309) 596-2600


Photography by Veronica Starcevich

PO Box 517
(708) 688-9965
Veronica Starcevich Email
Veronica Starcevich Website


Viola Boyz Backroad Speedway

686 240th St
(309) 737-8736
Viola Boyz Backroad Speedway Email
Viola Boyz Backroad Speedway on MyRacePass


Farmers State Bank of Western Illinois

1803 13th St
(309) 596-2189
Farmers State Bank of Western Illinois Email
Farmers State Bank of Western Illinois Website


C&C Reloading Supplies

661 283rd St
(309) 371-3593
C&C Reloading Supplies Email
C&C Reloading Supplies Facebook


Gaining Ground Fitness Club

1901 US-67
(309) 252-2596
Gaining Gound Email
Gaining Ground Fitness Club Website

Food/Beverage 1847 Barn & Grill

1036 247th St.
(309) 314-2061
1847 Email
1847 Website

Bone Collector BBQ & Catering

1508 17th Ave
(309) 214-4391
Bone Collector BBQ Email
Bone Collector BBQ Facebook

City Limits Bar and Grill

1303 10th Ave
(309) 596-2880
City Limits Bar and Grill Email
City Limits Bar and Grill Website

Farmhouse Treats

792 240th St
(309) 236-7781
Farmhouse Treats Email
Farmhouse Treats Facebook

Smith's Custom Meats and Deer Processing, Inc

2494 85th Ave
(309) 596-2728
Smith's Custom Meats and Deer Processing, Inc Email
Smith's Custom Meats and Deer Processing, Inc Website

The Bean Field Coffee House

1708 13th St
(309) 596-2739
The Bean Field Coffee House Facebook

Fresh Homegrown Fruits and Vegetables Seasonal Slagel Farms

Route 67 and Illinois 17

Government Services

United States Post Office

1508 13th St
(309) 596-2707
United States Postal Service Website

Hauling and Agriculture

Mack Trucking Viola, Inc

2586 State Hwy 17
(309) 314-5222
Mack Trucking Viola, Inc Email
Mack Trucking Viola, Inc Website

Housing/Real Estate

Homes by Chris Taylor (Keller Williams)

1606 17th St
(309) 314-7350
Homes by Chris Taylor (Keller Williams) Email
Homes by Chris Taylor Website

Re/Max Country Crossroads

1303 17th Ave
(309) 596-4228
Re/Max Country Crossroads Email
Re/Max Country Crossroads Website


Midwest Focus Group Insurance Services

1301 17th Ave
(309) 596-3900
Midwest Focus Group Insurance Services Email
Midwest Focus Group Insurance Services Website


Brandt Blanket Company

2665 85th Ave
(309) 596-2551
Brandt Blanket Company Email
Brandt Blanket Company Facebook

Midwest Fibre Products

2819 95th Ave
(309) 596-2955
Midwest Fibres Website

P&R Manufacturing

2650 85th Ave
(309) 596-2986
P&R Manufacturing Email
P&R Manufacturing Website


Dennison Funeral Home

1601 13th St
(309) 596-2121
Dennison Funeral Home Email
Dennison Funeral Home Website


Infinity Photography

1608 13th St
(309) 373-5330
Infinity Photography Email
Infinity Photography Facebook

Wildflower Photography

1608 13th St
(309) 582-6918
Wildflower Photography Email
Wildflower Photography Facebook

Public Library Viola Public Library District

1701 17th St
(309) 596-2620
Viola Public Library District Email
Viola Public Library District Website

Retail Casey's General Store

912 13th St
(309) 391-0492
Casey's General Store Website

Dollar General

1001 13th St
(309) 628-0854
Dollar General Website

Hilltop Mini Buildings & Lawn Decor

1156 US-67
(309) 596-2684
Hilltop Mini Buildings & Lawn Decor Email
Hilltop Mini Buildings & Lawn Decor Website

Little Red Home Creations

13006 13th St
(309) 203-8225
Little Red Home Creations Email

The Gourd Lady

(309) 737-5045
The Gourd Lady Email

Thunderbird Designs

13th St
(309) 335-9775
Thunderbird Designs Email
Thunderbird Designs Facebook


Viola Home Telephone

2586 IL-17
(309) 596-2222
Viola Home Telephone Email
Viola Home Telephone Website